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You guys have really gone mad…

Two weeks back I said the same about Mr. Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, Mr.Prasoon Joshi, Mr.Farhan Akhtar with their films.

Guys yeh kyaa kar raheho…

Nikhil Advani, how can you do a film with out an item song, a comedy track and no duets in foreign locations. This is too much!

Mr Irfan Khan, we all know how mad you are. You have proved it time again, so I don’t want to talk about you, because, mai poore pagalon se baat nahi karthaa. But, what is wrong with you Arjun Rampal, how the hell did you agree to do this film? And you Mr. Rishi Kapoor, you had such a good soft image, why jump for this character?

By the way did any of you know who was driving the film?.. No..?? what?? No… how can any of you do a film without knowing it! Come to us and see, the smallest of the small heroes ask for it… come and learn from them.

The less said the better about you Shruthi Hassan, what was your character in the film? That of a prostitute. Did you ask them what your costumes would be? How much they would spend on them? You din’t ask for a single dream sequence song? How did you agree to have a scar on your face, right across your beautiful cheek? Did you forget how beautifully we treat you here? We give you such expensive costumes, show your body so well, make you look so glamorous in what ever role you do. How can you leave all that and go do that role.. ha.. what else can it be.. but madness!

Huma Qureshi, the less spoken about you, the better.

And who are those mad guys who funded this project.. hmm.. Dar Motion Emmay Entertainment.. that too Rs.30 crores. Where are the commercial elements? How can you invest so much money? How the hell did you think you will get back your money?

Thank God I am not part of the Bollywood, I am in a better place.. here we don’t take any risk.. we play safe with commercial elements… and at least our money is safe. Or, so we think!

Nikhil Advani, I think you also should come here to learn how to make films..

What are you thinking, I am asking to come here not to go to Pakistan (after seeing your film you wont be allowed there) if you don’t know the way, tag along Mr.Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, Mr.Prasoon Joshi, and Mr.Farhan Akhtar. And get that guy Irfan too, jo bilkul bigad gayaa, and please don’t forget to get Mr.Rampal too. If Huma wants to come over, let her also join you. kuch sikhegi.. Oh, and don’t worry about Shruthi Hassan. You can find her here shooting for some film. Let me warn you… you might not recognize her, because she looks way too glamorous than you can imagine..

The day you land here, we will call it the “D-Day”.

A new generation speaks

When a generation decides to take refuge in its past and cast aside its present , you know that something is wrong out here. It speaks of the inability of the present to match its past and better it. This is called intellectual and cultural regression of a time.

What makes Sachin Tendulkar special . It is just not his fantastic game or superior technique or his uncontroversial humble personality. When you watch Sachin , you dont need Sunil Gavaskar or Kapil Dev . Its not that they are not great. They are indisputable legends…but Sachin Tendulkar is the man of the present. His game gives you the belief that the present is as good as the past and also fills you with hope that the future will be even better. That is Sachin Tendulkar, the legend of the PRESENT.

Similarly when you watch movies today. In Bollywood, the present is definitely finding its mark. Movies like Taara Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, Paa, Kaminey and My Name is Khan give you a feeling that the present is in safe and talented hands. It reassures you that there are people who have the drive and passion to make the current generation sit up and take notice of their skills.

Sadly the same cannot be said of Tollywood. Imagine a 52 year old film like Maya Bazaar ruling the roost at the box office and making more money than all the other releases….Its not that Maya Baazar doesn’t deserve what it gets…it does…it is a great movie of that time…a true legend ….but lets think about this…why we are watching Maya Baazar… to remember the olden times?

Or, is it because there is a sheer dearth of good sensible cinema? If the latter is true, then today’s filmmakers have some serious thinking to do. We need to introspect and accept. The public has finally spoken. It is their report card on us. They have appraised us. They are telling us that they don’t need us till we make their present sensible. Yes the audience is giving signals. The sooner we understand this the better.